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Blog Archive for January 2011

The Stress of Dual/Duel Relationships

One of the most stressful areas of daily life can be our relating with friends, coworkers, relatives or spouses/partners. There are many reasons for stress in relationships but all too often the reason is PROJECTION. We all do this from time to time...

Stress and Anxiety Disorders

What's the Difference

  1. Stress and Anxiety Disorder have common symptoms:
  • Emotionally upset
  • Physiological arousal (heart rate up)
  • Mental distress (oh no)

However, Stress and Anxiety Disorders have a different focus:

  • Excessive or chronic stress is...

Cogntive Behavioral Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is simply psychotherapy aided by hypnotic interventions. As such there is no stand alone hypnotherapy model but rather various schools of psychotherapy using hypnosis to bring about therapeutic change.

Psychodynamic psychotherapies...


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