meet James

I have over forty years of clinical experience and specialize in the treatment of Stress, Anxiety Disorders and Depression.

My primary therapeutic approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the therapy of choice for coping with and mastering stress, anxiety and depression.

As a seasoned therapist I often need to use advanced techniques; cognitive, behavioral, emotional, interpersonal or problem solving. Fundamental cognitive therapy is a top down process and for stubborn belief systems or schemas a bottom up experiential approach is necessary. From a behavioral perspective, particularly with depression, thinking and emotional responding are examples of behavior. The focus is on the function of the behavior and how to activate more functional behavior. Emotionally, affect regulation techniques may need to be taught along with restructuring the meaning of trauma. Interpersonal techniques such as dialogue are often necessary to provide a safe and secure environment so that the negative but functional beliefs and behaviors can be discarded. Problem solving can be an overlooked issue in a therapeutic situation but it is essential to consistently identify practical problems to be solved. Stress, anxiety and depression slowly eat away at the ability to solve not only difficult problems but also ones that are seemingly simple.

I am a Clinical Counselor in private practice and am registered with The British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors (#2218).

I am also a member of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BC) and the Anxiety Disorders Association-Anxiety BC.