empowering, more confident, more energized…

What Clients are Saying

I have found my work with James to be very empowering and rewarding. His assistance provided me with ability to successfully manage a very stressful time in my life. Through his techniques James taught me how to focus on what is truly important on the path to achieving the very high goals that I set for myself without being distracted by the challenges life throws at each of us. I would without hesitation, recommend James to others that are interested in becoming the best they can be.

R. M.
Jim has assisted me to systematically become aware of and release many of my core beliefs and hidden conditioned behaviors. I was then able to make use of and integrate the very practical and effective tools he provided to let go of a false identity and unproductive emotions and behaviors. I am inspired, stronger, more confident, more energized and less reactive and I experience a continuous soft inner joy instead of anxiety, fear, doubt and tension.
M. B.

Jim is an extraordinary skilled ad compassionate professional. After suffering for nearly two years with undiagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I sought out his counseling services on the recommendation of a friend. Within six weeks, I felt for the very first time in quite a while a sense of hope and personal power. It is no exaggeration when I say that Jim Stabler literally gave me my life back.

B. B.
A Senior Lawyer

Post Traumatic stress is a debilitating disorder. I truly believed my reactivity was normal, to a world I viewed as hostile. Jim allowed me to see how my traumatic experience continuously recreated trauma through my approach to situations and reactions to people around me. Jim’s approach is direct and effective and takes months off traditional methods. Jim showed me how to address the source of my PTSD and move into healthier ways of coping in every day situations. I have moved past “surviving” a daily life, to embracing my potential and moving on to live a successful, happy life.

D. H.
Business Owner